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GATE Presentation from Back to School Night:


A google form for parents who had specific questions regarding their child:

Woodlake Elementary Community Charter is a School for Advanced Studies (S.A.S.) and provides programs to meet the differentiated instructional needs of gifted and talented (GATE) students. As an S.A.S. school, our programs are designed to improve educational options and increase professional training to support the development of gifted and talented youth. We receive funding from the District in the form of a block grant. S.A.S. teachers and administrators are required to participate in professional development training.

Currently, there are 7 categories for GATE identification:

  1. Intellectual

  2. High Achievement

  3. Specific Academic Ability in Mathematics or Language Arts

  4. Visual Arts

  5. Performing Arts

  6. Creativity

  7. Leadership 

For INTELLECTUAL identification an LAUSD psychologist determines if a student qualifies for this program. LAUSD tests children who have been recommended for gifted testing by a teacher, with the consent of the student’s parent(s). Testing is conducted no earlier than the middle-to-end of first grade. Private testing is not accepted by LAUSD. As a general policy, for HIGH ACHIEVEMENT category, students are eligible starting in the 4th grade after demonstrating at least two consecutive years in both Mathematics and ELA, *meeting CST score guidelines, and limited report card results. For SPECIFIC ACADEMIC ABILITY, three consecutive years in a specific subject, *meeting CST score guidelines, and limited report card results. For VISUAL ARTS and PERFORMING ARTS, the student is screened by the school’s GATE committee first, and if warranted, is then asked to audition and give a demonstration, which is evaluated by a district specialist for each specific area. In the category of CREATIVITY and LEADERSHIP, the student must submit a portfolio and proposal, which is evaluated by district specialist for each specific area.

The first and best place to begin a discussion is with your child’s classroom teacher. The teacher will be able to tell you if your child is eligible for GATE assessment and what options you have for identification. Additionally, parents may contact the GATE and/or S.A.S. Coordinator. Woodlake Elementary Community Charter is committed to encouraging and supporting academic excellence in students at the highest levels of achievement and in students who have already exhibited extraordinary aptitude or attainment.

Our Gifted and Talented Program works to ensure that students who have met the requirements for Gifted and Talented Education receive ongoing differentiated instruction within the core curriculum. Differentiated instruction is not “different” curriculum but the same curriculum taught in a different way. GATE teachers supplement the grade level standards for gifted students based on their individual needs. Students in grades 3-5, who are identified as Gifted and Talented learners, are clustered in classrooms with teachers trained in educating gifted learners.

With a culture of all of our teachers emphasizing S.A.S. techniques and critical thinking skills, ALL of our children, whether deemed GATE or not, receive higher- level instruction and benefit from the enriched education. Please visit the GATE website for more information on the school district’s programs for gifted and high achieving students.

Woodlake Wildcats
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