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Classroom Volunteer Descriptions

Room Parent:

  • Prepare a classroom roster

  • Enter Class News & Updates in Class Blog weekly or as needed

  • Share communication from the teacher with class as directed by teacher

  • Help make sure volunteer positions are filled

  • Coordinate parents for in-class clean-up (3 times a year)

  • Help organize for Open House

In-Class Volunteer:

  • Work with teacher in the classroom


  • Take as many pictures as possible at as many events as possible, action shots with student faces obscured or not visible are also useful for adding to the website.

  • Coordinate with Room Parent on uploading photos to Class Page or shared protected photo app

At-Home Volunteer:

  • Take home paperwork to prepare for teacher

Learn more about the ways you can volunteer here

PCSS / Volunteer Application Process (

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement takes many forms at Woodlake our commitment to quality education is paramount. Our charter dictates how we are entrusted with the our school as shared stake holders for the education of all.  The innovative programs and supplements that benefit all students at Woodlake rely on the donation of time and resources by parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and our partners in the community to make Woodlake a well rounded educational experience for all our kids – and the kids to follow.

Some of the programs that need resources and or volunteers are:

  • Corporate Sponsors

  • E.L.A.C.

  • Woodlake Horticulture Club & Campus Landscaping Program

  • Grant Seeking

  • Book Fair

  • Recycling – Green Team

  • Room Parents

  • Spirit Wear

  • MonsterBash

  • Spring Silent Auction

  • Talent Show

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation/Hospitality

  • Traffic and Safety

  • Webmaster

  • Yearbook


All LAUSD volunteers must complete a School Volunteer Application before coming into the classroom. Tuberculosis (TB) clearance must be on file and take place within a six-month period prior to beginning a volunteer assignment, TB tests are good for 4 years. Once received, your completed application and TB test will be submitted to the LAUSD Parent Community Service Branch (PCSB).


A few things:

  • Discipline is the teacher’s responsibility.

  • All student work and behavior is confidential.

  • Children who are not enrolled at the school or the class you volunteering in are not allowed in that classroom, they are welcome, if supervised, in the family center.

  • Please inform the teacher if you are unable to volunteer at your assigned time so they can plan accordingly


For safety and emergency, all visitors MUST sign in the office, on either the visitor or volunteer log, if you enter the premises between 8:00 am and 2:23 pm. You must wear a yellow visitor badge and sign OUT when you leave campus.  If your name is listed as being on campus you will be part of the list of people that are searched for in case of an emergency, so please sign out.  You are welcome to come on campus after 2:23 pm to pick up your child.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Early Morning Volunteering

If you are able to volunteer between 7:30 and 8:00 AM, consider the following:

  • Morning Drop Off Valet.  Go to "parents", "volunteer opportunities", "click here to volunteer" and sign up on Google docs.

  • Green Team Recycling (Fridays only).  Contact email:

School Day Volunteering

If you are able to volunteer during school hours, consider the following:

  • PE Volunteers (Weekly for 1 hour), check with your teacher

  •  Art Studio Class Volunteer room 27 with Ms. Sharon.  Consider volunteering as often as you can, any class during the week in addition to your child's class time. 

  • Field Trip Chaperone (Up to 3 times a year), check with your room parent/teacher

  • Classroom Volunteer (From 1 time to everyday), check with your room parent/teacher

  • Classroom Party Helper (From 1 time to every celebrated holiday), check with your room parent/teacher

  • Library Volunteer, see Lucie Dent in the Library.  Check with your teacher for day & consider volunteering for class times in addition to your child's.  For complete library rotating schedule check with Lucie Dent, Libriarian

  • Computer Lab Volunteer (grades K-3 only, Weekly, 1 hour), check with your teacher

  • Yearbook (on campus to take photo's).  October - April .  


After School Volunteering

If you are available to volunteer immediately after school gets out, consider these options:

  • Attend Governance Council (Monthly, Thursdays).  2:30 - 3:30.  Check school calendar

  • Attend Committee Meetings (Monthly, Tuesdays). 1:15 - 2:15. Check school calendar

  • Homework Club, Mondays after school 2:30 - 3:30.  Room 23. 

  • Help with Fundraisers.  Contact Jennifer Ginsberg email

  • Help decorate for Winter Holiday Performances (Once, in December), check with your teacher


Evening Volunteering

If after 6 p.m. is when you are available, then consider:

  • Attend PTSA general meetings (Monthly, First Wednesday).  6:30 pm.  

  • Monster Bash Committee (4-6 meetings before September-Oct 20). 

  • Help at Talent Show (4 meetings April-May).   

  • Night of The Arts Committee (4 meetings Jan-April).  

  • Woodlake Family Dance Committee (4 meetings November-February). 

  • On-line Auction (anytime from your home computer and/or solicitations during the day).  1st Auction 12/4-12/15.  2nd Auction 4/30-5/7.  


  • Yearbook (anytime from your home computer and/or on campus to take photo's).  October - April 


Weekend Volunteering

If you are able to volunteer on the weekends, you can:

  • Volunteer to help out with Monster Bash, Back To School Night, NOTA, Woodlake Family Dance, Open House, or other one-time events.

  • Help with day of or day before set up of any weekend event:  Monster Bash, Family Dance, NOTA, On Line Auction

  • Help out 1 hour or more during event and/or to clean up after.  Monster Bash, Family Dance, NOTA

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