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Online Technology Learning Resources

1)  Computerwisekids Instructors through video conferencing


2)  Online resources independent learning


3)  Typing tutor


Computerwisekids has put together some simple but strong online lessons & resources for the students.

We are going to be online running classes, students can join in for FREE. 

There are 3 main resources for the kids:

  1. FREE online classes with one of our Computerwisekids Instructors through video conferencing.  The classes are for Grades 1-5, and they cover: coding, art, digital media etc. We are running  many classes during the day. See dates/times and the description:

  2. Online resources independent learning:  math, English language arts games & coding:

  3. Computerwisekids Typing tutor to practice typing:

Woodlake Wildcats
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