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5th Grade Fundraising

2022-2023 5th grade families! For the latest information visit our linktree page

Tee Shirts and Hoodies

Fifth grade commemorative tee shirts and hoodies are available to order via pay pal below.
Each student will receive one free tee shirt (through their classroom teacher) - you must turn in the form your teacher sent home with the required size for your student's free shirt. When ordering extra tee shirts or hoodies please keep your confirmation number or invoice number to give to teacher at pick up.

Extra Tee Shirts:

Note: Every 5th grader will automatically get one tee shirt! 
Student name
Teacher name


Student name
Teacher name


Student name
Teacher name
Please scroll down for payment options and event descriptions. 
5th Grade Specific Activities

Our goal is to make the last year at Woodlake an amazing year.  We want send our students to middle school with great memories, lasting friendships, and skills and confidence to conquer any challenge.  The Following 5th grade specific things are extras that we provide for our kids by donating to 5th grade funds, volunteering to plan events or raise funds, and getting donations of goods and services to lower total cost. 

  • Class Shirts for Panoramic Class Picture
  • Tile Wall Mural Art Project
  • 5th Grade Camp (2 days, 3 nights)
  • Culmination Ceremony & Breakfast
  • Student Graduation Party
  • 5th Grade Yearbook Supplement


The cost per student for all this is $475.00.  This covers the cost of camp, the bus transportation to and from camp, and snacks while at camp.  It also covers food, games, photo booth, chairs, flowers, shirts, tiles, tile installation, and more for culmination, graduation party and other 5th grade activities.  In order to submit the contract for the Fifth Grade Trip, WE MUST KNOW if your child is participating in the trip.  You may submit your payment and students information either by completing forms sent home or BELOW via PayPal.  There are several options for payment including payment plans.
If your student is unable to attend camp, we ask that you please contribute $100 towards culmination, graduation party, and other activities.  If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact your student's teacher immediately so that an assessment can be made by the Fifth Grade staff to determine need and what financial assistance is available. 

Option #1:

One payment in full of $475.00
Student's Name
Teacher's Name

Option #2

Pay $100 now, then two payments of $187.50 (due December 10, 2021 and March 25, 2022)
Student's Name
Teacher's Name
Please Note: Follow-up payments are not automated. Please mark your calendar and return here to make your second and third payments.

Option #3

7 monthly installments of $67.86 from October 2021 through April 2022

Option #4

$100 for culmination activities only (No camp)
Student's Name
Teacher's Name
5th Grade Camp Information
Each year the Fifth Grade classes at Woodlake Elementary Community Charter participate in a three day, two night outdoor science education trip.  This year the Fifth Grade classes will be attending Camp Brandeis in Simi Valley.  In the past, camp has been an unforgettable experience that the students enjoy immensely.  
This trip is completely voluntary and it is not necessary for your student to attend.  Please note in the event that your student does not participate in the trip, Woodlake school will still be providing Fifth Grade curriculum during the dates of the trip.  Attendance at school is still required by the Board of Education if your student does not participate in the trip.
Here are some important facts for you:
  • Camp Brandeis is located at 1101 Pepper Tree Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93064.  The facility is accredited by the American Camp Association and owned by American Jewish University.  The facilities are high quality and the food is very good!
  • The program is an outdoor science program where the students learn about the outdoors, geography, biology, plant life and so much more.
  • The program is run by WOLF (Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation). www.wolfadventures.org
  • Fifth Grade Teachers will be attending the trip with the students.
  • The students sleep 10-12 per cabin with a bathroom in each cabin.  Each cabin will have a parent chaperone sleeping in the cabin with the students.  The boys cabins will have male chaperones and the girls cabins will have female chaperones.  Boys and girls cabins are in separate areas of the camp.
  • During the day, WOLF counselors will be in charge of the students and will be the instructors for all the different planned activities.
  • Food is prepared by the camp and served in a large dining hall.
The Tile Mural Project
You may have noticed tile murals on the walls of our school.  There is one per graduating class, a tradition started many years ago. Our 5th graders will also have a chance to leave a lasting mark at their elementary school. If you can offer labor, materials, or donations for any step of this process, please let our 5th grade teachers know. 
  • Fifth grade teachers will have a drawing contest for their students with a specific theme representing their graduating class. 
  • A winner will be picked and their drawing will be transferred onto tiles. 
  • Once on the tiles, each 5th grade student paints one of the tiles and places their initials on them. 
  • The painted tiles are baked in a kin, and are mounted on a school wall to create the whole picture. 
Culmination Ceremony
This is an event for 5th graders to be celebrated by their families and school staff. If you are able to help with set up or clean up, or assist with securing sound system and wireless microphones, chairs, decorations, flowers, food, drinks, trophies, certificates, photo booth/back drop or other items to make this ceremony special, please contact 5th grade teachers. 
  • Ceremony has traditionally been held on the main yard, during school hours.
  • Please arrive early, as finding parking can be challenging.  Do not park in drop off or valet zones.
  • After the ceremony, opportunity is provided for taking pictures, before students resume other school activities. 
  • Traditionally 4th grade parents have generously provided breakfast for 5th grade families to enjoy after the Culmination Ceremony. 
  • It is important for families to be mindful not to disrupt other grades during and after the ceremony. 
  • Hatteras Street will be the only way to exit campus after the ceremony, as other gates will be locked. 
Culmination Party
  • This event occurs at school, during school hours.
  • It is only for 5th grade students.  No parents allowed! 
  • 5th grade students need not bring lunch, as the party will include lunch.
  • The event is planned by the 5th grade committee, with the goals of celebrating the end of the school year and elementary school experience, as well as creating a bonding experience for students about to enter middle school.