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Music Choral

Students at Woodlake receive music instruction once a week. It is a joy to bring our community together and further the music tradition at Woodlake Elementary. Music education is a passion at Woodlake and we look forward to continued student opportunities in making wonderful music and encouraging student achievement at Woodlake. 


The importance of learning music goes beyond classroom performance. Music impacts language development, math skills, and aids in developing cultural empathy. Students exposed to music study also gain self-esteem and learn craftsmanship in putting together the many details necessary to produce successful work. Our Music teacher strives to put this into practice by conducting classroom music to the standards while maintaining a fun, safe, and positive learning environment. 


Music reminds us that even the most simple experiences shape us into caring, well-rounded individuals. Music is a fundamental experience, filling the heart and mind with an appreciation that lasts a lifetime.




Choral Instructor
Tara Steck