Woodlake Elementary Community Charter A School for Advanced Studies

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23231 Hatteras Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Ph: (818) 347-7097 | Fax: (818) 883-3953
Please create a marquee.


Woodlake Flute, Clarinet, Brass: Tuesdays 2:00-2:45pm
Woodlake Strings II: Tuesdays 2:45-3:15pm
Woodlake Strings I: Tuesdays 3:15-3:45pm


Meeting ID: 984 9323 4745

Password: piano88


I would like to schedule an Orchestra Spring Zoom recital. Each student can prepare a short piece (solo or with family accompaniment, vocals, guitar, etc) and we can invite the families to attend. This will give the students an opportunity to share their learning and efforts from this past year. May 19 at 10:40am was our Spring Concert Date

Please go to Mr. Gown's YouTube channel for more instructions: