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23231 Hatteras Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 Ph: (818) 347-7097 | Fax: (818) 883-3953
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After School Enrichment Classes

After School Enrichment Classes at Woodlake

Enrollments are available in the Main Office or you can double click on the class you choice and register directly with the Enrichment Class Providers.  All classes with (*) must have enrollment form filled out and returned to Main Office.   Thank you!  


Weekday & Time:          Class:                                                   Dates:                     Location:

Monday: 2:30-3:30          Time2Dance                                         3/27-5/22                 Auditorium

Monday: 2:30-3:30          Homework Club                                   3/27-5/22                  Room 24

(Monday classes No Class on 4/10 and 5/29)


Tuesday: 1:30-3:30         Jaxx Theatre (Lion King)                   1/31-4/28                  Auditorium

Tuesday: 1:30-2:30         Mad Science                                        4/18-5/30                  Room 22

Tuesday: 1:30-2:30         Homework Club                                   3/28-5/30                  Room 24

Tuesday: 1:30-2:30         Martial Arts/Fitness                              3/28-5/9                   Playground

(Tuesday classes No Class on 4/11)


Wednesday: 2:30-3:30    Academic Chess                                3/29-5/31                  Pergola 

Wednesday: 2:30-3:30    Ballroom Dancing                                4/5-5/31                    Auditorium

Wednesday: 2:30-3:30    Homework Club                                   3/29-5/31                  Room 24

Wednesday: 2:30-4:00    Tennis & Athletic Training                3/29-5/31                Playground

(Wednesday classes No Class on 4/12) 


Thursday: 2:30-3:30        Robot Building Workshop                    3/30-6/1                      Room 24 

Thursday: 2:30-3:30        Tumbling                                              3/30-6/1                   Auditorium

(Thursday classes No Class on 4/13) 


Friday: 2:30-3:30             Magic Class                                          4/7-6/2                       Room 24

Friday: 2:30-3:30             Cheer Class                                          4/7-6/2                       Room 24

(Friday classes No Class on 3/31 and 4/14)


 *Use of these school premises has been granted pursuant to the provisions of Sections 17400, et seq., of the Education Code of the State of California to Woodlake Avenue ES PTSA from the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Board of Education does not sponsor or take responsibility, nor does it necessarily endorse any of the activities, statements, or opinions which may be expressed at this meeting or activity.

Revised 3/8/2017