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Governance Council

Woodlake Elementary Community Charter Governance Council

Get Involved in Our School's Future


Governance Council Composition 

(6) Parent Representatives and up to 4 alternates

(1) Principal

(1) Classified Staff Representative

(4) Teacher Representatives and 2 alternates


Governance Council Members – Fall, 2015 - 2016 


Parent Representatives

Parent Representative, Council Chairman, Rachel Strum-Csurics

Parent Representative, Council Vice Chair, Becky Radant
Parent Representative, Council Secretary, Tracy Thompson 

Parent Representative, Council Parliamentarian, Stephen Woelfer, Jr.

Parent Representative, Angie West

Parent Representative, Lynn Lane
Parent Representative, 1st alternate, Suzanna Luetscher
Parent Representative, 2nd alternate, Keren Bahar

Parent Representative, 3rd alternate, Leslie Morrisette


Staff Representatives

Principal, Mario Thompson

Classified Staff Representative, Diane Ross

Teacher Representative, Union Representative, Lori Dupuis

Teacher Representative, Union Representative, Ronie Saltzman
Teacher Representative, Kendra Barbula
Teacher Representative, Alex Williams
Teacher Representative, Palma (PJ) Katz

Teacher Representative, alternate, Suzanne Jensen

Teacher Representative, alternate, Donna Susskind



Governance Council meetings are generally held once a month at 2:45 p.m. in the Woodlake Library.  Meetings are open to the public. Parents, guardians, staff and all members of the community are welcome to attend.

The Council meets at least six times a year.  Original agendas and minutes are posted in the main office. Questions or concerns can be directed to any council member and items for the agenda should be addressed to the Executive Committee.



Several advisory committees meet independently from the Governance Council.  They are vital toward achieving the goals outlined in our charter.  The standing committees generally meet once a month before reporting to the next scheduled Governance Council meeting.  Meeting calendar dates are posted in the office and on our website calendar.  Parents, guardians and staff are strongly encouraged to attend.


Standing Committees

Art Education

Budget & Finance


Curriculum/Common Core


Grant Writing


Positive Behavior




Adhoc Committees


Facilities 20K Adhoc

Hiring Adhoc